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Our next play reading

  • 07 Sep 2015
  • 19:00 - 22:00
  • Centrepoint Library, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel


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Play readings are an easy and fun way to get involved in amateur dramatics. Non-members are welcome.

Our next play reading takes place on Monday 7 September at the Centrepoint Library, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel.

Please arrive between 7pm and 7.30pm.  Centrepoint shares its entrance with the Musik Museum and can be found by walking through a church courtyard into a smaller courtyard.  The shared entrance is on the right hand side, and we will be there to let you in.  We will start at 7.30pm sharp, reading four one-act plays by Peter Barnes, famous for his classic "The Ruling Class":

"Humour Helps": an actress hamfistedly tries to commit suicide, finally achieving her aim with the unwitting aid of a neighbour.


“Waiting for a Bus”: a pair of lovers is interrupted in bed by the husband’s arrival – or are they actors rehearsing a new comedy “Waiting for a Bus” about a pair of lovers disturbed by the husband’s arrival . . . ?


“Acting Exercise”: Rowan, an actor, delivers a soliloquy in a rehearsal room; from the shadows emerges a distraught husband demanding the actor give him back his wife; with a superlative performance, Rowan convinces the husband he is mistaken.


“Last Things”: an elderly couple of thespians awake in bed to find themselves dead; troupers that they are, they decide to go into the next world with their famous husband and wife sketch – to the applause of the heavenly host.

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