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Play readings

The Semi-Circle Play readings take place once a month.  Members and non-members are welcome to join us at these informal sessions - to read with us, or simply listen.

Location: The Library, Centrepoint Building, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel (see map).  The doors open at 7pm, and we start the play reading promptly at 7.30pm.

The next play reading will be on
October 1st 2018
We shall be reading 

"The Day After the Fair" by Frank Harvey

Based on the Short Story 

"On the Western Circuit" by Thomas Hardy.

Thomas Hardy (1840 – 1928):  English romantic novelist and poet whose stories were nearly always in rural settings in the West Country of England.  

Frank Harvey (1912 – 1981): English screen writer and playwright.

 "The Day After the Fair"

Anna is an illiterate and naïve servant girl who meets and falls in love with a handsome, bright young London based barrister, Charles, at the annual town fair.  She persuades her educated and articulate mistress, Edith, to carry on a correspondence with Charles on her behalf.  Unfortunately, Edith, who is herself stuck in an unhappy childless marriage also falls in love with Charles.  The outcome could only possibly end in tears.

Future dates 2018
  • 5 November
  • 3 December


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A little bit of history ...

The origins of The Semi-Circle date from the 1960s when some British Circle drama enthusiasts took the opportunity to meet together and hold  informal play readings. These British Circle members eventually began to rehearse some play readings, which they then performed for family and friends. In 1976, The Semi-Circle (see picture below) was formed and has continued to explore drama through play readings and fully-staged performances ever since. 

Down the years the play readings took place in many restaurants and other venues, during ski-weekends, while enjoying a Basel-based barbecue, and occasionally on Sunday afternoons in the small amphitheatre in Bruglingen in the Merian Gardens.

Through the years the play readings have experienced ups and downs, but enthusiasm for them has never waned.
Here is a list of the recent plays from 2010 to July 2018.

The photo above is from one of The Semi-Circle's first rehearsed play readings (1976): "Heartbreak House" by George Bernard Shaw


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