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The Semi-Circle is delighted to announce our autumn 2019 production of six short plays to be performed at The Theater Arlecchino

The plays, in no particular order, are:

"Swiss Twist" by Chloë Hannah, directed by Chloë Hannah & Estela Celi

"Time Flies" by David Ives, directed by Georgina Rotter

"What's Been Buggin' Stuart" by Chloë Hannah, directed by Michael Clarke

"While You Were Sleeping" by Alex Broun, directed by Richard Brown

"Platinum" by Roger Bonner, directed by Catherine Matter

"Eugenically Speaking" by Edward Goodman, directed by Diana Zuger

The Autumn production will take place at the 

Theater Arlecchino,  Walkeweg 122, 4052 Basel

on the following dates

3-5 November: Move-in and dress rehearsals

7,8,9 and 14,15,16 November. Performances


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