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Rehearsed Play reading - 24 February 2017 in Theater Arlecchino

Back to our roots...  The club started in 1975 with a rehearsed play reading ("Lord Arthur Saville's Crime" by Oscar Wilde).  The committee decided it was time to bring this form of entertainment back to life, and that everyone who wanted to take part should be able to - without any auditions.  Altogether 24 members of The Semi-Circle performed on stage in ten short and strangely comic plays written by David Campton.

The plays and cast were (Directors with a star):

What's a Name?  Fiona Müller, Zuzana Cox, David Cox*   |   Night Watch  Joy Scherer*, Wendy Monard, Chris Jones   |    Volunteer  Beatrix Castelotte-Iselin*, Pedro Sousa   |   Home from Home   Susan Aeschbach*, Maia Banaru, Michael Clarke, Jonathan Smith   |   Hunt up  Diana Zuger*, Adrian Chess   |   Who?   Wendy Monard, Susan Pallister, Mike Bray*, Jonathan Smith   |   Token of Esteem  Tony O'Sullivan*   |   Octopus   Susan Aeschbach*, Anita Duttweiler-Bilaney   |   Yellow in the Autumn Sunlight  Sue Newstead, Eric Collino*   |   The Parcel  Anita Duttweiler-Bilaney, Catherine Matter, Liz Shaw, Tanja Spichty, Zuzana Cox*, Adrian Chess, Timothy Ebeling.

A big thank you to Tony O'Sullivan and Michael Clarke.  They are in charge of our monthly play readings, and they organised this wonderful evening, choosing the plays, allocating the roles and making it all come to life.

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