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The Semi-Circle

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An Evening at the Arlecchino - 30 April 2016

Entertaining ourselves: a fine evening in Theater Arlecchino where, after a chat with friends and a good meal, Semi-Circle members put on a Variety Show for the Club.  Nine acts gave us music, poetry, sketches and drama; from bagpipes to old men with Film Star Fantasies, from a sexually frustrated Librarian to Four Yorkshiremen reminiscing on the past, from Cats to the gossip Newsdesk, from Shakespeare to Dickens to a wornout Driving Instructor - we had a great evening.  As the President put it: no criticism, no judgement, no prizes - just a lot of fun.

Those on stage were: Cathy Barker, Clara Demin, Anita Duttweiler, Billy Gilbert, Joy Scherer, Richard Brown, Eric Collino, David Cox, Peter Hilton, John Hyland, Chris Jones, David Laurie, Tony O'Sullivan and Jonathan Smith.

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